Monday, August 13, 2012

2 become 1

Scientists and educators have found that every child has genius potential yet parents are still unsure about this. Child's education must begin early in order to develop the potential it has. When the moment a child is conceived is not too early to start focusing on the child’s vast learning potential! There are few things that would help our child’s brain development, there are :-

  • Gangliosides: Gangliosides are highly concentrated in the brain. They help with more brain cell connections. The more brain cells connections, the faster learning happens.
  • Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA): Important for brain and eye development. DHA is highly concentrated in the membrane of the synapses, which are responsible for transmitting signals in the brain. 
  • Sialic Acid: Sialic acid plays a role in brain development i.e. neural transmission.

In my previous post I did highlight that most growing up milk focusing on DHA. Our children need more than just DHA alone. As you all know I have been raving about Gangliosides and here is why :-
Gangliosides found on the surface of brain cells provide  distinguishing surface markers that can serve in cellular recognition and cell-to-cell communication. Well it means that Gangliosides could play an important role to our children brain cells connection. More connection and more things to be learned!  

Cute Sangat!

And Gangliosides works perfectly together with DHA and their roles are pretty complementary, both work in synergy to deliver a better outcome. Anmum introduced a new formulation that combined both DHA and Gangliosides and ensure that your child will receive maximum goodness of nutrients!

Of course other than our tender, loving and care, they need a good nutrient that could help in their rapid brain development.  As you all know Anmum Essential is the only growing up milk powder  proven with absolutely no added sugars (do read my previous post), also now they have combined both DHA and Gangliosides in a unique formulation that are as follows:-

  • DHA which is a key building block for brain cells; and 
  • Gangliosides to maximise brain cell connections for faster learning 

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