Thursday, January 12, 2012

Reflection 2012

hey hey!

am no fashionista but who cares? i still want to go to this hip event featuring all this awesome designers. i am sure all of you know them and yes so cant wait for this coming Sunday! 

ticks for fashion show are all SOLD OUT! but fret not, you could still come and shop at the bazaar feat this lovely blogshops below:-

  • Yasalma
  • Pastelina
  • Old Blossom Box
  • ShopSptnckSwthrt
  • Calaqisya
  • Al-Humaira Contemporary
  • Sugarscarf
  • Abiya Muslimah
  • Nilam
  • Rina Salleh
  • Lollysta
  • Gladdys 

There will be performance from The Fabulous Cats (yeay!) and Yasalma is giving away 2 couture dress! Wowwee! :D
Tickets can be purchase on the day itself and check out this the teaser vid here :)

See you THERE!

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Siti Fatimah said...

Me too so excited farah cant wait for this coming sunday... c u there!