Thursday, January 5, 2012

Added Sugars in Growing Up Milk Powders

Basically after the last posts, we have to admit that that many growing up milks contained too much added sugars that we don’t realize it. Who would have thought kan, milk can contained this much added sugar that it could lead to obesity and diabetic? No no no! We do not want that.  And am sure lots of you mommies are freaking out and thinking what should you do next.

 russell comel tapi kita tak nak anak2 kita 'sihat' macam dia kan? 
*image googled*

Dearest mommies, would like to share videos from the Prof. Peter Davies that I got from YouTube while browsing explaining in details of the role of sugars in children’s milk. Too bad i didnt get to meet them in person, this is for your future reference and of course its always nice to get input from the expert :) 

From the video, understand that even World Health Organization (WHO) say that we should keep added sugar intake to less than 10per cent of total calories which is about 7 teaspoon per day maximum. And our children don’t actually need a lot of these added sugars such as glucose or corn syrup solids and sucrose for energy and their developments. Well, the least you can do is to make the right choice for your children. Follow the steps given in my previous blogpost and lets hope for the best :)

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