Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Playhouse Disney - Handy Manny Motorcycle Adventure

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I have not seen any cartoon for so long and when I was invited to watch the premiere of ‘Handy Manny Motorcycle Adventure’ last week, I was thrilled! They have great song choices and also speak in Spanish. What a great way to introduce different language to your children.
Even though there is a motorcycle word in the title but the trip is not about the motorcycle at all. In this movie, Manny decided to fix an old motorcycle to ride to his family reunion. While telling his tools about his family, Pat the hammer told the rest that how he wished to have a family on his own. Pat saw an advertisement about a hammer and thought that there s a possibility that they are related. While stopping for gas, Pat, Flicker and Squeeze climbed on to another truck and it drives off to another place. Manny came out from the shop and realized that some tools are missing and went to rescue them. Manny had to encountered a number of obstacles before everyone reunited again. Pat then realized that his true and real family was Manny and the rest of the tools. 


  Manny then continued the journey where he got to meet his Uncle Tito, Aunty Sonia and also Grandma Pedro. The movie ends with everyone singing Family Reunion (",)

  In case if you are wondering who is behind Manny is none other than Wilmer Valderrama from That 70s Show. Handy Manny is an absolutely wonderful movie for both kids and adults. There are excellent family values and teamwork lesson taught along the way and can also expand a child s learning experience.Don’t forget to catch the premiere this coming 22 January 2010, Friday at 10am on Disney Channel.

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mummy_adam said...

Adam's favorite cartoon nie.. harus tengok :)

siShuE said...

Hi Farah,
Been ur silent reader all this while. my son's about farell's age. 3days younger.neway, can i link urs to mine?

lily lotus said...

weekend I selalu layan with my kids. boleh tumpang gelak sekali. such a creative artwork

Anita, Mummy Adzryl said...

i've always love Handy Manny! it's my son & i favourite cartoon!! hikk. ;)

*777* said...

Sayang, i mailed you. Is your gmail still active? :)

Lots love,

kak ina kl said...

salam farah...seronok jumpa kamu semalam.

Matjoe said...

sy pun nampak kamu kt astro byond bloggers night. tp tak tegur laa. baca blog kak ina baru dpt terjah our blog.

handy manny mmg kiut. postman pat pun best jgk