Monday, December 21, 2009

Nippon Paint - The MakeOver

Remember my post about my little project about revamping one of our room? Its DONE! Woohooo!

So happy with the result, well even tho I didn’t do it entirely myself, I had my boys to help me.Well actually the husband was doing most of the work, me and Farell tukang kacau je (",)

Never know by painting and adding some little DIY design to your wall can change the look of the room in an instant.I will show you what we have done to the room.Very easy weyh!

At first susah juga memikirkan which design and colour yang sesuai for the room but I remember during the workshop, we really liked the idea of using the masking tape. Its easy and fast and don’t require you to do lots of work.For this makeover, we only used the masking tape for the art decoration! Yes masking tape only! How awesome is that!

Nippon Paint Colour Guide

We have decided on the colour before the design of course, and at first I wanted it to be hot pink :P but I cant be so selfish because we are actually revamping our play/chill room kan so got to be fair to my boys.So we chose purple.Nak pilih colour pun senang sangat, with the help of the Nippon Paint Colour Scheme Services of course.We got this for free during the workshop.You guys can go to Nippon Paint web, for more details.

Here s the picture of the room before the makeover

Memang nak kena revamp pun colour this room.I think Black is not suitable for little boys ;)

My step by step (3 simple ones!) painting story:-

First u ve got to have the masking tape and of course the magic colours paint from Nippon Paint

the Odour-Less Nippon Paint

We start with re-painting the base wall with the colour for the design that you want.We chose white for the droplets. Our design is very very simple.Macam droplets of stars. Iniatially nak buat lagi canggih nya design but takut jadi mcm kindie so we stick to the basic and simple art.

Re-painting the design colour first then measure and draw a few lines so it wont get messy.

Then paste the masking tape onto the wall according to the desired design. Notice the little helper?
After done with the masking tape, just paint the whole wall with the colour that we wanted.Its purple!
Of course not everything purple, we mix from light to dark

Feature Wall - Prophetic Purple (7183D)


Side Wall - Faded Violet (7191P)

Droplets Design in White (345)

Front Wall

Check out the new background!

My little one is excited with the new background too ;) HiHi

Yay! No more boring and more fun wall design for our room!

So happy and lovin the result and so we might wanna carry on this project for other rooms in the house as well ;)

Time to study and explore with colours!


40 Say SoMethiN!:

nizaa said...

memang canteks ar akak..i love purple!

chics said...

Chantek, I likeeeee.

I want to pint my wall too tapi macam malas :|

kaezrin said...

love it big timeee

Reeva Husin said...

niceee.. nampak very lively!

@nnap3jelov3b@by@qiL said...

cantik n simple

Along said...

anything purple is orgasmic.
but purple and farell smiling in front of the mirror is just pure major LIKE@!~

newlifenewbeginning said...

serious cantek..the purple really stands out and the white kaler..dahla suke purple hehe..menarik ni

aidadidu said...

wow! nice n i love your new layout too! hhehehe

MeL said...

sooo kewl! cantik babe ;)

kl said...

oh simple n so awesomely nice!!!

damm i should've thought of this too.. i like your bg a lot foxy :)

Marliza Radzi said...

so cantik!

lily lotus said...

wowww! my fav. color! purple! lena diulit mimpi lebih2 laa pasnih

peej said...

cantik sangat.
nampak mcm snow flakes pun ye.
gigih nye mengecat..mesti penat gila kan.
tapi xpe..worth it..hasil adalah sgt lawa.

Foxy Farah said...

nizaa - really? me too! especially kalau ianya pastel purple :)

chics - hihi! ni pun ada org buatkan.kalau i? muahaha.sampai ke tua pun mcm tu la design dinding.kosong.

kaezrin - me too! simple n senang je.(ewahh as if i yg paint kan ckp senang :P )

reeva - yeap! daripada colour black tu, sakit mata i.hehe.

anna - thanks sweetie!

along - weeeee! orgasmic? so trueee!! nanti dtg minum ptg tau :) bagi along purple tea :P

newlifenewbeginning - ingatkan susah nak match colour ni, tapi bila tgk result, terus sukaa purple :)

aidadidu - hehe.thanks babe! yeap i pun suka layout baru.ceria sikit.hehe

mel - hehe.thanks dear.simple je nih :)

kl - hey you.yeap why dont u try it? hehe.its really easy, and thanks so much for dropping by :)

marliza - thank you dear!

lily lotus - hehe.yeap tido dgn tenangnya selepas tgk colour purple.dulu hitam serabut sket.hehe

Penari.Gendut said...

I love the stars! I wish I could do the same too, tapi malas gilakkkkkk. Hahahaha. Brapa lama it took you to complete btw?

kameraX said...

u're invited. new contest at

reena said...

Purple cantik!

KY said...

yaa the purple is nice, simple and pwetty! :D

Foxy Farah said...

peej - nasib baikk ade org buatkan.kalau mak mmg takkan siap la uolls ;) thanks sweetie.

alia - total 2 days je :) hehe.simple and tetiba room tu dah jadi lively.hehe

kamerax - baiklah.saya akan jenguk nanti.

reena - bila tambah lilac lagi sweeet!

KY - helooo u :) thank u and yours is even artistic!

Primadona Fuschia d' Lolita said...

aaar cantek!!!

i nk buat tp now dok kuarters my mum mmg xdpt lah.

i love purple

CatlinaFly said...

salam cantiknye..sygnye duk kuarters so syg lak nak deco2 ni..tggu duk umah sendiri :)

Cik Qemm said...

saye mmg suke purple.

so memang cantik la bilik akak after deco ni. hmm tgk org deco2 rase nk deco gak tp malangnya bukan rumah sendiri pastu owner plak tak kasi touch umah die.sob3.

Foxy Farah said...

primadona - i tot u suka fuschia :) nway, takpe dapat umah sendiri can lenjan tau ;)

catlinafly- hehe.a ah takpe.skang dah boleh fikir design n colour kan.nanti dah pindah terus cat je :)

cik qemm - ala tak bestnya.tapi tuan rumah mmg mcm tu kan.takpe nanti dah ada rumah sendiri, boleh la buat design yg u nak pulak kan :)

Edwin said...

Very nice piece of art work...Cantik la ;)

Foxy Farah said...

edwin - hehe thank to my husband.he did it all.i tukang menyebok je :)

AmiYs said...

comelnye kaler purple ade bintang2..

xi da ya said...


Rara said...


Foxy Farah said...

amiys - hehe thank u! idea mylo actually :)

xi da ya - mekasehhh!

rara - hehe thankkk uuu!

DaHLia said...

very nice laa sis!!!! purple mmg comeyyy

e-caR NazRin aka ibuEiymann said... suwitt larr..simple tp santekk..

btw, i saw u @ Nuffnang Friso Family Day aritue..hehe..

5577 said...

cantik.. :) simple & just nice.. i loike!

tHrEE oF us said...


Foxy Farah said...

dahlia - kan? purple mmg cun!

e-car - hehe itulah i pun mcm nak tego tapi takut salah org. next time kita amik pics tau :)

5577 - hehe credit to mr hubs! i like it too.very soothing :)

three of us - thank u dear :)

Fær.han/Unown F/Gyan said...

Omigosh that so cantek!
I'm jealous of your room!

Cik Puan Drunbella said...

omaigod. i lurf purple ^___^ sumpah cantik =)

tQah said...


::fadxieza:: said...

wow wow wow..
chantek giler..
geram je..

honeylanz said...

cantik..suka warna nye..

Fathiha Zainal said...

Waaa.. Kreatif! Kreatif! :)